Interstitial ads are full-screen, interactive ads that cover the user interface of your host site or application. These ads appear in-between content, meaning they are at natural breaks or transition points. Reach differentiates them from other ad types like pop-up, native, and banner ads.

It used to promote products, services, or other content to a targeted audience. They are commonly used in mobile advertising. They can be especially effective due to their large size and full-screen format. Also, can be displayed in a variety of ways, including as a pop-up window or as an overlay on top of the content.

While this ad can be effective at grabbing a user’s attention. Also can be seen as intrusive or annoying if they interrupt the user’s experience too frequently or at inappropriate times. As a result, it is important for advertisers to carefully consider the timing and placement of their interstitial ads to ensure they are effective without being overly disruptive.

How You Can Use Them?

Interstitial Ads: Best Practices 

Used incorrectly, interstitial ads can also lead to fewer traffic and conversions, thereby reducing sales. Therefore, publishers should implement best practices for interstitial ads. 

Here’s what publishers should do when implementing interstitial ads: Implement ads on the right pages when implementing, the user experience must not be compromised. 

Therefore, it is important to ensure a smooth process for starting and stopping interstitial ads. Google also prohibits certain interstitial implementations that impede the user’s application flow. This includes serving it as soon as the user enters the app or when they are ready to leave the app.

Publishers should therefore maintain frequency caps to prevent the user from seeing too many ads in a single session or too many of the same ads. 

For interstitial ads, Google limits the number of times, a single user can see ads for one hour by default. Reduce ad load time these are graphics-intensive and may take a while to load when invoked. 

When an ad stops the user’s browsing experience, every second counts.

Your ads shouldn’t load too slowly, causing users to wait.

Make sure your ads play smoothly and quickly. You can even set up your ads as they save valuable loading time.

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