Ad injection greatly impact of ad injection on publishers’ revenue as third-party applications that inject ads monetize user sessions. However, the damage goes much deeper as it can damage the publisher’s reputation,  user experience, and advertiser trust. 

When a browser-injected user logs into a website to make a purchase, then the user bombarded with advertisements. As a result, many users often abandon the original site. Also end up on the competitor’s site, resulting in lost revenue for the publisher.

However, when the user faces a flood of advertisements, the website can run very slowly.

Some negative impacts on both website owners and internet users:-

Loss of revenue for site owners:

Inserting ads can redirect revenue from site owners. When advertisements are included on a website without the consent of the owner, the site owner may not receive any income from those advertisements. Instead, the revenue goes to the person injecting the ad. This can lead to significant revenue loss for website owners.

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User Experience:

Inserting ads can also negatively impact user experience. Injected ads can be intrusive and disruptive. This can lead to slow page load times, which can be frustrating and frustrating for users. In some cases, the included ads may contain malicious code or be part of a phishing scam, which can put users at risk.

Brand Reputation:

The ads inserted without permission can damage the reputation of legitimate advertisers. When users see ads on a website they don’t want to see, they may associate the brand with spam or other negative behaviour.

Security risk:

Inserting ads can also pose a security risk. The inserted advertisement may contain malware or other malicious code that can infect the user’s computer or compromise their personal information.

In summary, ad insertion can have a number of negative effects on website owners, users, and advertisers. This can lead to lost revenue, poor user experience, damage to brand reputation, and security risks.

These ad injectors are prevalent in the ecosystem and can significantly damage a publisher’s brand reputation and revenue.

The ad injector affected major web browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Yandex Browser, etc.

Sambreel and Adrozek were among the many ad injectors that have impacted the ad tech industry for many years, causing billions of dollars in damages.

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